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March 2009: After transferring this site to another hosting provider, the content here never worked.  So I have recreated the web view of the genealogy file using a newer tool called GEDmill.  The content is still REALLY out of date, but at least it can be viewed again.  Someday I will get back to editing this content.... 

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My contribution to the documentation of my families history has been the computerization of the vast amount of data collected by several relatives. The majority of the information you will find here was cataloged by my Grandmother, Wilma Hannah Reusch (with the help of other relatives that I will try to list later). This data pertains to my maternal heritage. Information regarding my paternal side of the family was mostly collected by my father Philip Pauley and his two brothers, Robert Francis Pauley and Reginald William Pauley (twin to Philip).

I have entered newly discovered names that are the ancestors of Robert Carl Reusch. This information came from a "Family History" letter written by B.R. Lau regarding the Christian Lau family. It contains all the important date information as well as information regarding their 11 children and all their grand-children (including Robert Carl Reusch). Nice find for me, since this is a part of the family I didn't know too much about.


My Family History Stuff

Ken's Genealogy Pages - Main page from the GEDmill program, the starting point for browsing the family tree.

PAULEY.GED (134KB) - Gedcom file exported from Family Tree maker for Windows. This is the file I used to create the web pages.

List of Family Documents - This list is in no way indexed! Right now it is simply a list of various documents as I prepare them for display on the web. Once I get some sort of idea of exactly what will go here, then I will attempt to organize it in some way!