Dedication to Grandmother Reusch

May 4, 1907 - December 15, 1995

Barely a month after my mother's passing we lost her mother, Wilma Hannah (Jones) Reusch. This has been a tremendously rough time for our family but has brought all of us much closer together.

As I mention in my genealogy section, my grandmother was the catalyst to my genealogy interests. It was with her detailed research that I was able to put together most of the information you'll find in my genealogy pages.

She was a tremendously strong individual with many interests in life. She accomplished more in one lifetime than anyone could dream of. She loved all of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren very much. Just last summer she was the driving force for a family reunion so we could all get together and visit. There was some selfishness in her motives to get all of us together, I think she really just wanted to see all of us in one place one last time. It brought great happiness to her and all of us, it is an event I will never forget.

I hope to post more information about the things she did during her long life in the near future. It is truly amazes me to think about all of the things I know she did during her life, it would be interesting to me to really learn everything that she accomplished and share all of that with the world.

I believe this world is a better place because she was around; I miss you so much.
Your grandson,

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