Troy & Robin Clark
NAISSO Member #344
1996 BBB

Troy and Robin have been real busy with their car. Soon after this meet they completed a tire swap
and spring replacement (Eibachs). On display for our this show were....
RBT; Tinted windows (all but windshield); 140mph window stickers; During Pursuit use overdrive sticker;
built in Garage door opener; Manual Fan override switch; Home plate removal with horn button elbow
cap; Removed 1st base with sewer pipe replacement; K&N filter in opened air box; TransGo shift kit;
Painted fuel tank retaining straps; Painted brake calipers; Painted Differential cover; Painted hood liner;
Walker UltraFlow mufflers; 2.25" exhaust pipe from mufflers back w/ remove resonators & large
chrome tips; Balance tube; Hypertech PPP; Pioneer Speakers; 160 deg thermostat;
Temperature gauge monitoring from cyl. head and water pump, selected by switch


I'll let you all play Where's Waldo with his engine department, find all the mods!

In this shot you can see the beefy exhaust tips and the red 140MPH sticker on the rear door window.

Check out the nicely placed crossed flag. This one is smaller than the fender kit.