T-84 Headlamp Capsules
For a slightly different look to your car, you can replace your stock headlamps with the export versions
The export versions are glass enclosures instead of plastic. They also have a small 5W positioning lamp. Lastly, the headlamps
are on the inside of the capsule with the turn signals on the outside (reverse of the US version). They are quite expensive
and don't add any horespower! I have not installed mine yet, just have some of the parts at this point. Once I have, I will update
this page with more pictures and installation instructions. For now, you can look at the parts list so far and a few pictures of what they look like.

Parts list (so far):
16519237 - LH Capsule - $194.71 (
World Chevrolet)
16519238 - RH Capsule - $194.71 (
World Chevrolet)
10031004 - Blue Condom Bulbs - $1.02 each (
World Chevrolet)
80/100W Blue Ionized H4 bulbs - ~$20 each (Competition Specialties)
High Power wiring harness - ~$40 (Competition Specialties)

I can see right now that I need a few more parts. I didn't order the connectors as mentioned by other sources. So I need
to get those to hook up the positioning bulbs. I also need to get the socket for the turn lamps. When complete, I will
have the new ionized bulbs installed for the main headlamps and the positioning lamps wired as DRL's with the blue condom bulbs.

Very clear glass, no positioning nubs. There is a hood over the top half of the H4 bulb. Positioning lamp is just
in-between the two lamps, pointing towards the headlamp portion (almost dead center bottom of the glass).

You'll note that they come with the complet bracket. The wire hanging out is for the positioning bulb.

Need to figure out how to cleanly peel the T-84 export sticker off so I can stick it on the top of the capsule!
These are in the proper position, Drivers side on the right, notice that the headlamp is on the inside towards the grill.

These are the so-called "blue condom" bulbs. It is just a regular bulb with a blue piece of plastic over them.
These are the same bulbs used as the positioning bulb. It will give a blue tint to the Daytime Running Lights (DRL).