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This page last updated on April 6, 1997

Fellow NAISSO member Mark Ferrell has put together a deal with B&B Fabrications where NAISSO members can receive a significant discount by purchasing the B&B TRI-FLO exhaust system as a group. The pages that follow will provide information regarding the exhaust system, how to get in on the purchase (HURRY! The group list will be closing soon!), installation comments and a performance review.

These pages were put together by myself (Ken Pauley) using information (and some graphics....hope it's OK) from B&B Fabrications, Mark, and other people currently involved in the group purchase. If you have any comments or suggestions, please direct them to me. I have been designated as the "Flight Tester" for this group purchase. I will be the first in the group to receive the system (should come around March 12th) and will use these web pages to review the system with descriptions of the installation and performance along with pictures and sound. So keep checking back here for more information as it becomes available.

Special thanks to Mark Ferrell for getting this group buy under way, and to B&B Fabrications for putting up with us.

Official group buy now CLOSED......Check out the installed stealth tips in the Photo Gallery.....See the Status Page for production delay info.....

What's New ?!?!?!?

General Information Exhaust System Review
Product description (link to the B&B Impala web page)
Group purchase information - Questions & Answers
Photo Gallery
Sound Gallery - dB readings and sound recordings
Installation notes - HERE NOW!!!
DYNO Results???- HERE NOW!!!
Photographic Comparison (stock vs TRIFLO)- HERE NOW!!!

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