My LT1
I have completed most of the major modifications that I had planned for my LT1. My goal was to not really change
things dramatically, just clean things up a little and make it look more like the Corvette motor it really is. Here are some
Pictures of the modifications and a description of what has been done so far.

Corvette Valve covers, Corvette engine dress, Camaro throttle linkage cover, Camaro 1LE intake elbow,
Mallory Industries Custom Throttle Body Plate, Ray Lopez aluminum intake pipe (1st base replacement),
K&N replacement filter, Mobil 1 Oil & Mobil 1 oil badge.

The intake pipe comes from fellow NAISSO member Ray Lopez. he will custom make one for you at a reasonable price.
You can contact Ray at, be is well worth the wait. When he ships the product to you it is a
simple five minute installation. He supplies you with everything you need, including a new clamp/rubber to connect to the MAF.

The custom throttle body plate comes from NAISSO friend, John LeBlanc at Mallory Industries. You can visit his website
for a huge selection of TB plate photos ( or email him at I had mine
custom engraved with my NAISSO information. He completed the plate and had it in my hands within a week. Excellent work!

The rest of my work is the result of GM and SuperStore parts. Many thanks to Rob Cheek's excellent FAQ and some important
advice from Larry Lee and Michael Kahut. This is the kinda help NAISSO is about!

You can see pretty much everything from this point of view. The Corvette dress really cleans everything up.

You can see the Mobil 1 oil fill cap on the new valve covers from this angle.

K&N stickers on the airbox lets people know what is hidden inside. Clean look at Ray's pipe.

Here's a close-up of Ray's craftsmanship. Quality welds on that aluminum, he really puts time into the finish! You can also see where I
think the Mobil 1 plate should go. Thanks to Ray Berilla and Kato (you didn't think I remembered!) for the location suggestion.

It's really hard to get a good shot of John's product when it's under the hood. The shot below is a good
view of the engraving, but the color is off. The plate is really black, the flash just doesn't help here! This is one
of the new raised letter plates John is selling. Be sure to check out his website for other versions and products.