Mom's 1958 Impala

Here is my Mom, with her sister, driving her brand new 1958 Impala. She special ordered this blue beauty with a 6-cylinder engine and a blue convertible top. She had the first year of this car line (they sold it several years later, darn!) and I currently have the last year. I only wish she could have seen my Impala, I think she would have liked it. Notice the nice crossed flags Impala badge, nice....

I had to lighten this up a bit so the color of the car would come out. I'm going to have my Dad look at this to see if the color is correct.

My Dad still had the owners manual from the car. He also gave me a hat pin she had that has the Chevy logo with the year '58 above it. I have one just like it with '96, they're both stuck in the headliner just below the drivers visor.