Installation Notes

This page last updated on March 19, 1997
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Stock Exhaust Removal
I had my exhaust system removed by the people at Streetwize Motorsports in Fremont, CA. The first thing that was done was to disconnect the battery from the car. This is a good safety tip and also allows for the PCM to reset which should be done when you change your exhaust. The system was removed with the car up on the rack. This may be possible on jack-stands, asI have been told, but up on a lift makes things much easier. The entire system should bolt off the car, but we did have some difficulty with the joint by the muffler that required us to cut it at this point (see photos of stock system removal). Once the cuts were made the parts came right off.

Installation of the TRIFLO's
After all the pieces were unpacked they proceeded to fit the parts onto the car (see the installation photos - page 1). As the instructions say, start from the catalytic converter and work your way back. Fit the pieces together loosely, then once they are all inplace tighten and adjust. We worked on the drivers side first getting those pieces in and adjusted, then did the passenger side. Getting the pipe over the axle proved to be quite the jigsaw puzzle. Once we unbolted the shock and jacked up the frame, the piece went right in place. This can be done on stands.

As we continued through the installation we started noticing a fit problem on the drivers side. The pictures of the installation (page 2) show and describe what I am talking about. I will be taking this up with B&B next week, and I will let you all know what I find out.

First Impressions
The quality of this product (with exception of this one fit issue) is great. It really looks good on the car. The tips are a personal thing and I am sure everyone will do something a little different. I myself, will probably move to a stealth tip after a while. The sound is great, just what I was looking for, not real loud at idle with a low rumbling, throaty tone when rev'd. The system was dyno'd, but I am not confident in the results. I will post the results by the end of this weekend but I am not thinking that they are valid (more on that when they are posted in the performance review). So, until I come up with something more accurate we will have to look at the results from the SOTP2000. I would have to say that you can definately feel the difference. It seems to have lost a little low-end torque, but the power seems to be much smoother. I think that once I get this combined with the HPP+ it will be quite killer.

Muffler Section Replacement
I received the replacement muffler piece on Tuesday afternoon. Considering that B&B first found out about the problem on Monday morning, I believe that there response time to the resolution was great. I was anxious to get the piece in place, so I decided to do this in my garage. I simply jacked up the side of the car, put one jack stand under for support, and swapped the parts. I took pictures of the two parts side-by-side so you could see the differences. Because of the limited space under the car I was unable to get any pictures of the new fit. I will be going to the shop (hopefully, schedule permitting) to take care of some final adjustments and to get some good pictures.

I did not have the car up on four jack stands for this, which I think would be the best way to do this if you were installing the entire system in your garage. I do believe it is possible to do this yourself, on stands, without too much difficulty. The hardest part would be getting everything aligned...having a helper would make this easier (which is why I am going to the shop, I had no help). Also, when working on the floor of your garage, sweep up before you start crawling around. I completely impaled my mid-back with a nice big push-pin....had to pull it completely out since it was all the way into the base of the pin! OWWWWWW!!!!

I believe that I mentioned before some extra noises I was getting with the system, either a leak or something touching. Well, all noises are gone, the system just sounds great!!!!

So, all that's left is some final adjustments, more pictures, some inside the car sound readings and putting up the dyno results. Oh, and if I get the stealth tips from B&B I will shoot pictures of them as well.