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Goodguys All American Get-Together
Pleasanton, CA - March 22 & 23, 1997
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On this, and the following 17 pages, you will find a variety of shots I took while attending the Goodguys All American Get-Together in Pleasanton, CA. The Region Of Doom (ROD) had the bigest club turnout at the show (they did not give out club participation awards, but it was obvious). We had at least 27 cars there on the first day of the show, and we recruited many people that we ran into at the show. The pictures are in the order in which I took them. There really is not any real theme here, I just snapped pictures and you are seein all of them no matter how dull they are! There are five pictures on every page, except for the last page. I will give a short narration to each shot to help describe the scene (in case it is not obvious).

Here we are at our gathering point a few miles from the show. Everyone doing some final cleaning and socializing before we take off.

Another view of the gathering.....

And another......

Everyone swapping to their custom front plates for the ride over. This is John Cortez's car. For some reason I took alot of pictures of his car. He was one of two 94's in attendance, the other belonging to Mark Lee.

Here is the custom carbon fiber looking bowtie on the front of Bob "Moon" Mullins car.

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