Chief Fiene's Impala
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The Chief is one of the legendary members of NAISSO, with his Police Impala SS. This car is his official police vehicle, fully equipped with all of the necessary police gear. It was great to finally meet Terry at A3, he is a great contributor to the club and mailing list. I took a picture of his car at night with all of his strobes going, the picture got over exposed due to all of the lights. Needless to say, it did not come out. It is truly a sight to see at night, pictures would not do it justice.

Here's a side shot with his custom built 15" wheels, complete with drag radials.

You get a glimpse at some of the flashers in this picture. Hey Franklin, did you make the air dam decals?

Close up of the custom wheels. Nice Fuel Injection badge!

You will find this car at the drag strips. Terry is an accomplished drag racer, in fact he used to drag motorcycles.

Here's a closeup of the electronic siren speaker.
The amplifier for the siren is mounted in the trunk. Too bad they don't have one that says Impala SS!