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This page last updated on April 6, 1997

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This page is sort of an interim page for releasing late breaking information. Basically, I have information that doesn't really fit anywhere else, so here's where it will go! News, status, updates, call it what you want, but find it here. Newest information will be at the top of the page.

April 6, 1997
Group Purchase Status: I sent a note out earlier today that was sent to me from Mark Ferrel. It explains the production delays at B&B. If you would like a copy of this note, please let me know. There were 38 confirmed orders into B&B, the group buy is now CLOSED.

New pictures...: Go to the Picture Gallery to finally see pictures of the stealth tips installed!

March 25, 1997
Lot's of stuff...: I hear that we are over 35 confirmed orders (I think, it was a few days ago....), get'em in quick if you want this price. Great reviews of the system from the people that saw and heard the system at the Pleasanton Goodguys Show. I finally put up the pictures of the system after the install to compare to stock, visit the Picture Gallery. Also, I put up another picture of the stealth tips (no they are not installed yet!). I also included the dyno results......find a link to it on the main page Main Page. I need your help here on the dyno results, please email me your comments and I will post them to everyone. Lastly, whoever gets there pictures to me of the side exit system (once you get it installed), I will put them up on the web psite for others to see.

March 21, 1997
New pictures...: I finally shot the comparison pictures, will get them up soon. However, if you jump to the photo gallery you can get your first peek at the stealth tips......(Picture Gallery).

March 19, 1997
Group Purchase Update: We have officially reached the group purchase minimum order quantity!! I spoke with Dave at B&B today, he has received the 25th order, so those 25 systems are going into the computer to get ready for production. I told him that all of those people are anxiously awaiting the delivery of their systems, so the sooner they can get it out the better. He told me that they are going to group the orders by type of system (rear, stealth or side) and build all of the same types together. With this in mind it can take upto 3-4 weeks for them all to be delivered...I took that to mean that it would be the worst case, I am assuming once a system is built it will be shipped. It's just to build all 25 systems it may take a little while (Mark, if you get a chance could you follow up on this?).

Next point.....Important for those of you that have not called in your order. THIS DISCOUNT OFFER ($xxx) WILL END ON APRIL 1ST, OR WHEN THE 50th ORDER IS PLACED, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. Your credit card will not be billed until your order is shipped, so it does buy you some time.....if you are thinking about ordering at this time, get the order in to be sure you get this price. ONLY 25 MORE SYSTEMS WILL BE SOLD AT THIS PRICE AND THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MORE ORDERS ONCE THE 50th ONE IS RECEIVED OR AFTER APRIL 1st................UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY $1200 FOR THE SYSTEM........

March 19, 1997
Fix update: Well, I guess it is officially the 19th now, since it is after midnight! I came home after class this evening and found a nice big box with the replacement muffler inside! Couldn't wait to go to the shop and get it installed, so I thought I'd see what it would be like getting underneath there with jack stands. Find out the results in the Installation Notes and check out the pictures in the Picture Gallery. BIG KUDOS to the people at B&B for responding to this SO VERY QUICKLY. The replacement piece was overnighted and fit perfectly. Any problems I may have had seem to be gone at this point. Like I said, I put it on myself...but I will be going to the shop, if I can get into their schedule, for final adjustments and some better photos (please, read the installation notes).

March 17, 1997
Fix update: B&B has reacted quite well to the problems I had with my installtion. They are Fed-Ex'ing me a replacement part and I will get it installed in short order. I sent a note out to everyone about the problem and the resolution...I was going to post it here, but it is quite long. If you'd like to see it, let me know (look in the NAISSO digest, I copied it there as well, if you still cannot find it, send me a note). All I can say is that B&B has so far done a commendable job in responding to the issue, what remains to be seen is how the new part fixes the problem. They have assured me that this problem will not occur for anyone else!

On another note, I have requested that they send me a set of the stealth tips to try out, and shoot pictures of, so everyone will know what they are like. Hopefully they will come with the replacement parts and I can get you all the data.

Dyno info will be coming soon, but it won't be of that much use. I'll post anyways, as soon as I am able to translate the info (all you get is a graph...output sucks).

March 15, 1997
Another update: I added the dB readings for the TRIFLO's to the chart, seem to be around a 5 dB increase from stock, across the board.

March 15, 1997
Update on installation: It is installed. I have updated the following sections with information: Photo Gallery and this section. I have added the Installation Notes page to the Main Page. I will have updated performace and comparison photos in place by the end of the weekend. Note: I will be contacting B&B on Monday due to one issue (look through the pages to learn what), I will keep you updated with the status of this issue on this page.

March 11, 1997
Update on my exhaust delivery and installation: FedEx delivered the exhaust system this morning. I feel like I should hand out cigars! Two boxes; one 48"x22"x13" and the other 55"x12"x12". I think you could fit them both in the car if you really needed to. I had to open up the boxes, even though installation will not happen until Friday. The craftsmanship looks great to me, although I have not seen other systems up close like this....if you have comments regarding what you see, let me know and I'll put them out for everyone to see. To me, it looks complete custom made, not a mass produced system. Finish is not mirror-like, but very shiny. I have shot a bunch of pictures of two pieces so you can check it out, again your comments from what you see are welcome. Go check it out in the Photo Gallery. If you are thinking about the stealth tips, go look at the tip photos. I am guessing, but I think I show roughly where the cut will be.

New stuff: I added some subjective comments to the Sound Gallery....go check it out! Pictures of the system out of the box in the Photo Gallery. Added a question about stealth tips on the Information and News page (has turned into a Q&A page). I think that's it.

March 9, 1997
New stuff: I added some things to the Sound Gallery....go check it out! More pre-exhaust pictures.

March 8, 1997
Update on my exhaust delivery and installation: No update, still as scheduled at this point. Installation to take place on March 14.

New stuff: I took some pre-exhaust installation photos of my car (look in the Photo Gallery). I plan on taking similar shots after the installation to provide a way to compare the two setups. I added a future link to a Photographic Comparison page that will have side by side photos from each angle. PLEASE look at these photos now and tell me if you want to see another angle or setup for these pictures, once Friday comes I will be unable to shoot pre-installation photos! I will be shooting under the car photos of the stock system once it is put up on the rack. I also added a Sound Gallery page where I will store recordings and sound level information once I collect the information.

March 6, 1997
Update on my exhaust delivery and installation: I spoke with Dave at B&B a few minutes ago and found out that my system has been completed! He is shipping it today, I should have it no later than Wednesday of next week. Due to my schedule next week, I will be reserving the shop and dyno for Friday, March 14th.

Update on the group purchase: Dave said that roughly 14 people have phoned in their orders. Remember, noone will have their exhaust built until at least 25 orders are phoned in and confirmed. Please call in your orders if you are ready to go. If you are waiting on my results, it should be just over a week from today.

March 5, 1997
Preliminary Dyno information: Took my car to Streetwize Motorsports last night for a pre-exhaust dyno session. Detailed before and after information will be posted after the installation is complete. In the mean time I will tell you that my only performance related mods are a K&N filter in the stock airbox, removal of both intake resonators (homeplate and first base) with the Camaro 1LE elbow and Ray Lopez's pipe. With this I had an approximate peak rear wheel horsepower (SAE corrected) of 210 @ 111 MPH with 256 ft-lbs of torque at 90MPH. I will be using the rear wheel horsepower figures as this is what the dyno produces. Flywheel horsepower figures are calculated based on drivetrain horsepower readings and is not directly outputed from the computer.

Update on my exhaust delivery and installation: I had an appointment scheduled for this Friday to install my exhaust and a second dyno run. However, I spoke with Dave at B&B this morning and found out that my system will not be here by then. He is hoping that the exhaust will be shipped on Friday, but I am to call on Friday for an update. I do not know what the nature of the delay is, but in any case I will not have anything installed (at least performace related things) this weekend. I will try to find out more information soon.

Update on the group purchase: Mark has submitted the names of 43 owners to B&B that want to, or are thinking about, purchasing the exhaust system. Of those 43 we have commitments from more than the 25 people needed for the group purchase. Please, call your orders into Dave ASAP. The sooner he has the first 25 orders in, the sooner everyone will get their exhausts.