group purchase information and news

This page last updated on March 11, 1997

Background Information
The group purchase deal was initiated by fellow NAISSO member Mark Ferrell with Dave Burgenson at B&B Fabrications. Basically, if NAISSO can put together 25 people interested in purchasing the exhaust, B&B will significantly lower the retail price of the system (send a note to Mark or myself for the pricing...I don't want to publish that information on the web). As of March 1st, we have met this requirement in theory. It has taken a little while to reach the required number of people, so Mark is currently contacting them all again to confirm that they are now ready to purchase. Once that has been completed, Mark will turn over the list of names to Dave. At that point, each person on the list will be required to call/FAX in their order to Dave. Once Dave receives the 25+ orders, they will begin to ship the product. HURRY! If you would like to get added to the list, send a note to Mark ( immediately so you will not miss out on the deal.

What is Mark Ferrell's and Ken Pauley's Involvement in the Deal?
As mentioned previously, Mark is the person who started the group purchase discussions with B&B Fabrications. Once I found out about the purchase, I signed up. Like others, I was extremely anxious to get my system and a bit curious as to what the rear exit version of the system would look like (no pictures were available at the time). I contacted Mark and started discussions with B&B to get a system in advance to the group purchase so I could review the installation. My deal was that once I installed the system, I would publish the information on the web for everyone to see. The idea was to spark interest in the purchase and get as much information as possible to the group so we could get 25 names on the list. This seems to have worked as we are now at over 25 names. Please note: The only thing Mark and I are getting out of this deal is a new exhaust at the same group purchase price everyone else is paying. There have been no other deals cut.

What Else?
There have been numerous discussions about the exhaust system on the NAISSO digest and privately between those involved in the purchase. I will attempt to cover some of those discussions below. I put them in a Q&A format, because it seemed to make sense. Send any other questions you may have to me and I'll try to get them answered.

Q: What systems are available for the Impala and what are the cost differences?
A: There are three choices available; Side exits, tips dump out behind the rear wheels. Rear exit, tips come straight out the rear like the stock system. Stealth, this is the same as the rear exit system, without the oval tips. Not much is seen from the rear with the stealth system. All three systems are the same cost in the group purchase plan.

Q: Can I use the quad tips as shown on B&B's Corvette instalaltion (see B&B's web page).
A: No. I had them check into this configuration, they said it was not possible to configure it in this way.

Q: Can the system be adjusted to come out through the bumper, or have notches put in the bumper to tuck it up higher?
A: Theoretically, yes. They also looked at this for me. Since the rear bumper is backed entirely with steel, it would be difficult and expensive to get it modified in that way. This modification was done on Tim Allen's car, but he didn't have a budget! If it was done to the car, custom fitting would be required at the B&B shop.

Q: Once the names are turned over to B&B and I call in my purchase, when will I get my system?
A: B&B will need to get confirmed purchases from 25 people before it ships any products. It is important that once the names get turned over, everyone calls in to make the purchase. Everyone is anxious to get their system so don't be the one that holds things up!

Q: How low are the tips in the back, will it scrape?
A: We won't really know this until we get it installed and try it out. I will put up information as soon as I get it. But, by the looks of things you will need to be careful if you get the rear exit system....especially if your car is lowered!

Q: Can I install it myself?
A: According to their literature, yes. I was going to do it myself, but then decided it would be easier to document and shoot photos if I had a shop do it for me. Everything is supposed to bolt right on using stock hardware, with a single exception (see next question)

Q: I read about problems with the side exits, what gives?
A: Super Chevy Magazine did an installation of the side exit system on an Impala. The one comment they had was the lack of hangers for the side pipes. The stock exhaust exits out the rear and B&B did not have hangers available for the sides, which made them a little loose. B&B has fabricated the hangers for the side exit and will ship them with every side exit system we may order. The passenger side bolts right into an existing hole, the drivers side requires that a hole be drilled into the frame rail (may be a difficult hole to drill?).

Q: I found the small picture of the side exits on the B&B website, are there more? Any showing the rear exits?
A: The only pictures I have seen of the side exits are on the B&B web page and in Super Chevy Magazine. We finally received some damaged pictures of the rear exits, I have done what I can with them and put them up for all to see in the Photo Gallery.

Q: Ken, which configuration are you going to get for your car?
A: I originally ordered the rear exit system, with what they call "quad" tips. This is a dual exhaust out the rear, with two of the oval tips per side (much like the Corvette system they offer). It turns out that B&B will not be able to produce this configuration, so I will be getting the standard rear exit system with dual oval tips.

Q: What sort of testing, reviews, etc. can we expect to see on this website after you install your exhaust?
A: First of all, I plan on taking my car this week to get it dyno tested. Thanks to our local Region of Doom members I have found a local shop that does dyno testing (more on them once I have it done). This will provide a sort of baseline on my existing modifications (basic intake mods). I will also attempt to record the sound of my stock system while it is on the dyno so you can hear how it sounds. Then it's off to the muffler shop, where I will shoot some baseline pictures of the standard exhaust system, for those of us who haven't crawled under the car to check it out. They will then install the new system while I take notes and shoot more pictures. And finally I will head back to the dyno for a final run to compare the HP & torque. A sound recording will be attempted again as well. I will try to have all of this done as quick as possible. If there is anything else you can think of that I haven't, do let me know.

Q: What do the stealth tips look like?
A: We don't really know. I am told that it is just like the stock system with the tips removed. This ends the exhaust right behind the rear valance. I believe they are cut with a sort-of turned down look, but you really can't see them. I have a guess at where the cut will be in the Photo Gallery, check out the shots of the tips.