Robert Acorcey

Robert was kind enough to send me these photos of the trick looking SLP intake system for the Impala SS
He also just sent me pictures of the new custom aluminum intake elbow he received from Joe Prince.
The following information about these items is directly from Robert, any questions can be sent to him at

The aluminum elbow/air foil is available from: Joe Prince, Quality Auto. His number is 609.267.2918. He will sell the elbow separately from his whole cold air intake system for $65. His whole system is about $265. Since I was customizing the MAF lcoation, aluminum intake, and SLP intake system, I had to do about another $150 in work to make it all happen properly.

The elbow/air foil, has an internal separator extending from the TB (throttle body) end, to within about 3" of the MAF or crossover tube connection end. This was good, because I had to cut about 3" of the elbow shorter to make up my custom system. It is much easier to use his system as a whole. The main thing you need to stress, is that, when you move the MAF closer to the TB using anyones intake system, be prepared to pay some more bucks for the customization. And, of course, for starters, you need the MAF extension cable (GM p/n 12529241 -- about $23 discounted).

The elbow is best complimented with the use of the TB air foil as well, available from most speed shops. I know the efficacy of this item is always in question, but at least it doesn't hurt. With a good intake/exhaust system, this elbow/air foil combo can add between 15 to 20 hp. Moving the MAF, while not changing hp, is the icing on top, giving a much better throttle response (regardless of the recent minor flame wars on the list).

When installing the aluminum elbow, your current air temperature sensor, which is located in the former rubber elbow, has to be removed from the rubber elbow and epoxied to the new aluminum elbow. In addition, the hose leading to the Opti-Spark ignition has to be located to one of 2 places. Either poke a small hole in the base of the big K&N filter (easiest), or, as I did, I ordered a miniature brass hose fitting (for 1/8" hose) from McMaster-Carr, p/n 5454K12. I drilled and tapped for the 10-32 thread in the "corner" of the elbow, wrapped the threads in teflon tape, and screwed it right in. This maintains the factory position. Of course, if you order the McMaster part, you must get a pack of 10 for $5.91 plus shipping. I thought it was worth it myself. After 25 phone calls, I finally located this hard to find part!

You get a good look at the whole setup in this shot. This shows the SLP intake kit
which consists of the pipe and the Y air filter mounts.

Close-up of the air filters.

Another angle....

Now here he has moved the MAF sensor to the other end of the pipe and installed
the custom aluminum air foil elbow from Joe Prince.

Close-up of the elbow and MAF sensor.

And back to the other angle.