Dyno Results

OK, I need your help here. I have mentioned before that I think the dyno results I have are invalid based on what I see. Now I am no expert, but what I see does not look right. Let me explain what I know, then maybe you can tell me more....

First of all, you will see three graphs below. The first one is the horsepower graph. This shows SAE corrected HP over the entire speed range. The data is plotted at 2 MPH increments (the graph looks a little different in the actual program because thery run a tighter scale). The second graph is called HP Delta and shows the HP difference between the two runs. And the last graph is a portion of the torque curve.

The biggest prolem, I believe, is that different people ran the tests. If you look at the results, the testing started at different speeds and the shift points seem totally different. To me, this is enough to say that the results are not valid. I really think the people just didn't know what they were doing. I have other results from other members who had dyno runs done there and they look different as well! Let me know what you think.

Chart Horsepower

Look at the difference in test starts (one at 12 MPH and the other at 32). Also, the shift points in the first run really have huge spikes, in the second run they are much smaller and in different points.

Chart HP Delta


Chart Torque

This just shows the upper speed range torque band.